Dr. Matthias G. Leute


Matthias Leute holds a Ph.D. in strategic management and data science. He is a consultant, researcher, and entrepreneur, passionate about problem-solving, progress through innovation, and lifelong learning. His work has been published in leading academic journals. As a seasoned expert in both Artificial Intelligence and Corporate Innovation Strategy, Matthias explores the critical intersection of technology and business strategy. He leverages these insights to facilitate impactful business transformations. Additionally, he leads a German-based manufacturing company specializing in nanotechnology.

Currently engaged with a distinguished team of experts, Matthias is examining the operationalization and implementation of the EU AI Act, focusing on its contribution to sustainable Artificial Intelligence as a stimulus for a positive impact on the economy, critical industries, and vital business dynamics.

"The European Union's (EU) legislation (EU AI Act) marks a global milestone in the future of Artificial Intelligence, paving the way for robust long-term innovation with significantly reduced risk. Aligning with such standards mitigates legal liability, significantly enhances consumer trust, and distinguishes these organizations as leaders in the technological field, benefitting from a competitive edge resulting from a continuous commitment to high-quality technology and transparency." M.

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